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The Uspensky Cathedral in Odessa, Ukraine

One of the main Odessa’s places of sightseeing visited by all tourists is, of course, Uspensky Cathedral (Holy (Assumption Cathedral). The construction works began in 1855 and in 1869 the Cathedral was dedicated. In those times this temples was one of the biggest in the whole Russian Empire. It has five domes and a high bell-tower, it’s about 56 m. The Uspensky Cathedral has the Upper and Lower temples, and its size allows to accommodate about 5000 persons.
Inside the Cathedral one can enjoy an exciting observation of ancient icons, the main relic is the wonder-working icon of the Kasper Icon of the Virgin. It’s said to have saved Odessa from total destruction during the Crimean War in October 1855.
The Uspensky Cathedral is located not far from the railway station at 70 Preobrazhenskaya Street.

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